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SF5000 Oil Filter

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The oil filter machine will remove the impurities and micro-particles from the oil, getting in this way a lower deterioration and saving a lot of oil.

When we are frying food, there are rests that remain on the oil; our filter machine will solve this problem, and the oil won’t be degraded so fast.

Get your oil cleaner, without impurities and ready to be used again in the best possible conditions.

Improves the quality of the food and helps to save money.

Using the oil filter machine, you won’t need to replace the oil so often, decreasing this labour to 50 and 60%. It is manufactured in stainless steel and easy to use.

It is ideal for any business that fries food every day.

Data sheet

Production20 litres / min
Consumption750 w
Capacity30 L
Voltage230-110/50-60 Hz
Net Weight30 Kg
Dimensions (L x D x H)610 x 380 x 390 mm