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SV1000 Glass Polisher

2 153,80€

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A machine for drying and polishing glasses and cups that will finish with the hard job of the manual drying. It will also provide the process with more hygiene and cleanliness, and a professional finishing in a few seconds.

In order to keep your cups and glasses in a perfect hygiene, cleanliness and presentation state we will need a meticulous drying process; the absence of any water or lime marks on the glasses is an essential point in the image of any business.

A glass polisher machine in your business will create a professional image on your customers’ eyes.

Its natural, absorbing and flexible brushes can be fit to different cups and glasses sizes and shapes, making easier and decreasing the time you employ in the drying process.


Data sheet

Production240 / 360 pieces / hour
Consumption1100 w
Fan motorHot air
Voltage230-110/50-60 Hz
Net Weight16 Kg
Dimensions (L x D x H)340 x 305 x 520 mm


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