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Make the bar of your establishment successful

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Make the bar of your establishment successful

Whether you run a brewery, bar, or coffee shop, the challenges of running a successful bar area go far beyond just keeping customers' glasses full. You need to ensure that you are well stocked, that you serve delicious drinks, that you create events to excite potential customers, and that you protect yourself from any potential liability.

While managing a barbell can be difficult, in this post we are going to give a few simple tips to help you make gains and improve your bar area.


Keep your bar stocked

Keeping your bar stocked goes far beyond simply filling the cooler or rear bar cooler with beer, liquor, and wine. You'll want to keep track of the beverages your customers drink and the types of alcohol you consume more often than others. This will allow you to adjust your orders, so you will spend less money on alcohol that is less popular, while keeping your bar stocked with popular items.

Essential items every bar needs. Here is a list of things you should always have on hand in your bar:

Bar napkins

Straws and stirrers


Mixing glasses

Shakers and strainers

Measuring cups

Cocktail mixes



Measure your drink to reduce spillage

Consistently spilling excess drinks can end up costing your bar thousands of dollars in the long run.

Fortunately, there are ways to measure drinks and avoid waste at the bar.

Using measuring cups can be a solution. Beverage measuring cups make portioning easier and help prevent spills to eliminate the risk of product waste.

Teach bartenders to use measuring glasses when preparing cocktails. Using the measuring glasses when making cocktails not only prevents over-spilling, but also ensures your customers get a consistent drink every time. Ensuring consistency, which is key to keeping your customers happy and returning to your bar.

Choose the right glassware. Using the right glassware can also help lower your beverage costs. Heavy-base glasses have a thicker bottom, so you don't need to use as much liquid to fill them as standard glassware, which will translate into savings over time.


Create exclusive cocktails

While many customers may order popular drinks like rum and Coke, creating drinks that are unique to their establishment gives you a competitive advantage over other bars. Also, if you create your own craft cocktails, you can price them higher than traditional drinks, which will help increase your profit margin.

When managing a bar, it is also important to stay on top of current beverage trends and offer customers something new by adding unique toppings to your drinks, such as fruit kabobs on daiquiris.

You can also enhance your cocktails with a CO2 instant freezer. A differentiating element for your business, which cools and sterilizes both glasses and glasses in seconds, preventing them from dripping.


Organize Happy Hour and events

Hosting a happy hour is a great way to attract customers with low prices. Then you can let your delicious cocktails and excellent service convince customers to stay after happy hour and pay full price for your items. Your happy hour menu should include discounts on high-margin items.

Another option to attract customers to your establishment is to hold events. Events can be unique or they can become regular, which is a great way to build a regular customer base that can help your bar succeed. There are many different types of events that you can organize depending on your clientele and the theme of the establishment. Here are some popular options:


Game nights

Sports events

Open mic nights

Be sure to advertise your events on social media, outdoor billboards, and posters in the space in front of the establishment.


Hire the right bartenders

The bar industry has a very high turnover rate, which translates into a huge waste of money in new employee training.

One of the best ways that bar managers can retain good employees is with incentives, such as bonuses, favorable shifts, or salary increases. But not all incentives have to be monetary. Instead, some employees are motivated by the potential for advancement or learning new skills.

Another essential aspect of keeping your employees happy is ensuring that you are promoting a comfortable atmosphere where your staff feel welcome to share their ideas and concerns.

Train your waiters to increase sales

A great way to increase profits at your bar is to train your staff to sell to customers. Upselling involves your waiters suggesting that customers try a specific item.

Make sure to keep your food menu in view of the customers. Customers may approach your bar doors with the idea of ​​just having a drink, but after a round or two, that menu of appetizers strategically placed in front of them can start to look tempting. You can also boost sales by offering food and drink combinations.

Lastly, train staff to spot hesitant customers. If someone has been looking at your menu for an extended period of time, a simple "May I suggest one of our specials?" you can help influence them.


Take responsibility seriously

Serving alcoholic beverages is a risky business. When running a bar, you need to train staff to handle alcohol-related safety issues, not only for the safety of customers who have consumed too much alcohol, but to protect your bar from fines and possible loss of license.


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