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The best oranges for juice

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The best oranges for juice

Freshly squeezed juices are increasingly popular in our society. A natural, fresh and perfect juice to complement our diet is something that no one can refuse.

Orange juice has many benefits for our health. Many nutritionists recommend including it in our daily food routines since it has been observed that its great contribution of antioxidants promotes well-being and helps in many conditions such as blood pressure, diabetes or even cancer.

It has a very low calorie intake, but very high in nutrients.

The best oranges for juice:

There are many varieties of oranges that allow us to create the perfect juice for our customers. The best known types are sweet orange (Citrus sinensis) and sour orange (Citrus aurantium) but there is also a wide range of oranges whose flavor varies between the two previous ones.

Next, we will see the most chosen varieties during 2017:

Navelinas oranges


-        They are the first oranges of the season. With a sweet and fairly cheap taste it is the type of fruit that consumers prefer the most. These have less seeds and the pulps are full of juice.

-        The disadvantage of these oranges is that they contain limonin in the meat, a substance that causes the orange to turn bitter after a time of exposure to air.

Oranges Tangelo


-        These oranges are a mixture between grapefruit and tangerine so you can find many different flavors between sweet and sour. Its most known feature is the ease with which the shells are shed.

-        The disadvantage of these oranges is that they have a short harvest season: between January and February.

Oranges from Valencia


-        They are the best known naranajs in Spain and stand out for their availability outside the traditional citrus season. They have few seeds and a thin skin so they are usually the most chosen option for making juices.

-        The main disadvantage is that they are more acidic than Navelinas oranges.

Satsuma oranges


-        They are very popular in California, the area where they are harvested the most. These oranges are resistant to cold and have a very sweet flavor that allows to reuse the peel after making the juice for other elaborations such as jams.

-        Disadvantage: they have a short harvest season: between November and January.

Orange Sanguinas


-        The blood oranges or "blood" contain a substance called anthocyanin that makes them have that peculiar color. They are the type of oranges that contains the most antioxidants. They have a sweet and juicy flavor and are grown mainly in Spain and India, although there are more and more crops in other areas such as Florida or California.

-        The disadvantage, as in other cases, is that they have a short harvest season so they are less accessible than other types of oranges.

Always choose the best oranges for your customers and you will be right without doubt.